Conflict Minerals

Dear Valued Supply Chain Member:

Being a service provider to Corporate America, K-TECHnologies, Inc. is recruiting you to join us in a collaborative effort to follow the spirit of the Dodd-Frank Act, Section 1502.

The Dodd-Frank Act, Section 1502, is an Act of Congress focused on stopping the procurement of “Conflict Minerals”….. these are raw minerals mined in The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and their adjoining countries. There is a table in the attached white paper that is very descriptive regarding the “Conflict Minerals-Ores” that are in question, the Industries using them, their common applications in everyday life and, of course,  examples of  (DRC’s) atrocities.

The United Nations has released reports declaring that the mineral trade in the (DRC) region contributes directly to the funding of war. As a result, the Dodd-Frank Act, Section 1502, was initiated by Congress in an attempt to stop the trade of conflict minerals originating from the (DRC).

Since the intent of the Dodd-Frank Act, Section 1502, is to stop the use of “Conflict Minerals,” through a regime of public reporting and scrutiny in an attempt to pressure corporations into taking proper responsibility for their supply chains, K-TECHnologies, Inc. is willing to take the lead and take action with your support.

K-TECHnologies, Inc has sent this letter to our entire supply chain… “Would you please make every reasonable effort from this point forward to ensure the material composition of the products/materials you provide to K-TECHnologies does not include minerals mined from the (DRC) and/or its surrounding countries?”  We also ask, for future order considerations, that you go to, fill out the template and forward to us so we can assess our supply chain compliance.

We sincerely appreciate your efforts in complying with this admirable endeavor, the Dodd-Frank Act, Section 1502.



Edward Tierney

General Manager