Cable Harnesses

K-TECHnologies, Inc. provides custom cables for Military ground based and Navy applications. K-TECH specializes in Hi-Rel cables and wiring harnesses for the Aerospace, Space, Rail and Military industries. K-TECH provides versatility, flexibility, and responsiveness to provide our customers with the best service. Our assemblers are IPC-620  certified.

Electro-Mechanical Box Build

K-TECH provides Electro-mechanical box build for high reliability applications.

PCB Assembly

K-TECHnologies offers high reliability PCB manufacturing for high reliability applications. Our operators are IPC-JSTD certified.

Precision Winding

K-TECH produces high volume coils and solenoids for Space, Military along with Industrial applications. Electro-mechanical solenoids consist of an electromagnetically inductive coil, wound around a movable steel or iron slug (termed the armature). The coil is shaped such that the armature can be moved in and out of the center, altering the coil’s inductance and thereby becoming an electromagnet.

Potting, Encapsulation & Conformal Coating

K-TECHnologies Inc. provides potting, encapsulation and conformal coating services. K-TECH operators are certified to NASA-STD-8739.1 which defines proper workmanship standard for polymeric application on electronic assemblies.

New Product Introduction

K-TECH is your partner in developing and bringing new
products and future technologies to market!

Precision Tube Bending

K-TECHnologies provides Hi-Rel Electronic and Electromechanical assembly services within a controlled environment. Primary applications are in Medical, Space, Aerospace and Military industries.
Custom tube bending and fabrication services are available for pressurized tube bending and termination. Flared ends, orbital welding, and prep for termination are available service options. Cleaning for oxygen service and pressurized Pneumatic and Hydraulic assemblies are provided.

Precision Machining

K-TECH offers an In-House Machining Center for your development projects.  We proudly hold tight tolerances on high reliability applications. K-TECH can be the model shop for your New Product Development Process. Our highly skilled machinists work closely with your team to review drawings for Design For Manufacturing (DFM).  We specialize in ‘one piece’ projects, prototypes, and extremely difficult applications.

Clean Rooms

K-TECHnologies Inc. offers State-of-the-Art Clean Room facilities for Hi-Rel Electro-mechanical assembly. Typical applications are for Medical, Military, Space, and Aerospace light assembly.